SWE Terms

Article 1 Points to note
SWE (token) is not a promised thing such as "It surely profits" "absolute price rising" etc.
Please be sure to understand price fluctuations and other risks.
Please also understand that the virtual currency market itself, volatility at everyday is high and it becomes speculation of high risk.

Article 2 About advertisements (including the Internet)
All advertisements related to SWE can be used as advertisements only with approval already approved in advance by headquarters.

■ About using SNS
Even within SNS, threads / posts / messages that are regarded as public information conform to these Terms. It is prohibited to use what can be misunderstood as headquarters by looking at the domain and account name at all.

■ In order to prevent consumer troubles caused by advertisement of contents different from hype or remarkably differing from facts, in order to prevent display troubles, etc., "display markedly different from facts" or "markedly superior or more advantageous than actual ones" Display that will mislead people if there is something "is prohibited.

■ prohibition of the provision of e-mail advertisements for unsolicited's
In principle, we do not send e-mail advertisements unless consumers agree beforehand in the Special Commercial Law. (Opt-in regulation)
This regulation also covers E-mail advertisement entrusted business operators.
Therefore, in the case of acceptance or request from the consumer concerning the provision of the e-mail advertisement, it is necessary to save the record of acceptance or request for three years from the date of last sending the e-mail advertisement

Article 3 Prohibited matter

  • An act of telling a customer of false things
  • provide assertive judgment on uncertain matters, invite people to tell them that they are likely to misunderstand that they are definite
  • Creating business materials for SWE (Token) without permission of Headquarters and conducting sales activities.
  • Addition of personal sales and selling price before publication to the market
  • Set the minimum number of purchases not specified by headquarters
  • Tell the discount etc. and return a part of self sales fee to the customer
  • acts that impede the normal decision making of the person
  • Sales practice that negatively denies or criticizes other companies in the same industry and others
  • Keep statutory currency from customers and exchange ETH or BTC for customers.
  • Sales or resale of SWE tokens other than official selling price or similar acts.
  • Involvement with antisocial forces and solicitation to SWE
  • Distributor's sales cooperation To make partnerships for replacement purchase or proxy purchase with willful intention by oversight of supervision.
  • To SWE, behavior and behavior that leads to credit impairment / business obstruction, harmful rumor
  • Other acts contrary to Specified Commercial Transactions Law, ordinances, etc.

Article 4 Contract with customers
If you wish to purchase a SWE token, please access the designated site and purchase procedure.
We will send SWE token to your designated wallet within 72 hours from completion of settlement.

Article 5 Regarding Measures Concerning Violation of these Terms
If you violate these terms, please fully understand that you are responsible for legal responsibility.
Includes all damages suffered by SWE (including investigation expenses, attorneys' fees and litigation costs etc expensed in connection with claims for damages (hereinafter referred to as "various expenses")).
As well as for compensation in the event that SWE compensates damages incurred by third parties and various costs expensed in connection with damages, SWE shall immediately compensate the full amount.